Welcome to The Blog!

Hello! Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Society Blog.

In direct response to feedback from our members around being more transparent, we've built this feature into our new website in order to provide regular updates on a number of key things over and above our publication of committee minutes. Namely:

  1. To anonymously share feedback we've recieved and discuss how we're acting on it on a regular basis.
  2. For key committee members to share information about what's happening in the society in a more conversational, less formal way.
  3. To provide a more central place to update everyone when we have announcements and news.

As a society we operate across multiple platforms online as well as (virus permitting) in person, so having a blog as an anchor for some of the more important news will help to ensure everyone can keep up to date on things no matter what services they use or don't use. It's also a chance to hear a bit more from committee members in their own voice.

I'll be posting at least once a month with updates on the feedback we recieve from members, as well as some of our bigger campaigns and initiatives - and you can always reach out to me any time on Discord, Messenger, or by email.

Right now we're pretty busy working on Freshers' Week, summer events plans, and setting up some provision for alumni, as well as launching the new website and getting to know our new sabbatical officers. I'm excited to be able to update you all on these things in due course - but for now, welcome to the blog!

Kestral GaianĀ (Society President)

Posted in General Updates on Jul 12, 2021.

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