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About Southampton University LGBTQ+ Society

Find information about the current committee, our policies and how you can contact us.


Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Society at Southampton University!

We welcome anyone from any gender or sexual minority, and even allies who wish to support our community. Our aim is to provide an inclusive and safe space for LGBTQ+ students to socialise with one another, allowing them the freedom to discover and express who they are free from judgement.

We aim to ensure that the highest level of discretion is maintained in order to protect our members who may be unable or unwilling to disclose information about their sexuality or gender. If you are unsure if an action has the potential to breach discretion don’t hesitate to drop us a message - our contact details are further down this page.

Check out our Safe Space Policy that we expect all committee and society members to adhere to.

We know that coming to an event may be daunting, so if you have any questions, don’t know where to go or would like to meet up with someone beforehand you can use our online tool to request an introduction at one of our upcoming events.

If you need any advice our Welfare Officers are always around for a chat or to point you in the right direction for further help.


Here's our current committee for 2020/21, click on a member's photo to learn more about them
  • President
    Kestral Gaian
  • Vice-President
    Vice President
    Isabella Aarons
  • Secretary
    Oisin Clarke-Willis
  • Treasurer
    Oisin Robinson
  • Publicity Officer
    Publicity Officer
    Jamie Norton
  • Activities Officer
    Activities Officer
    Charlotte Petty
  • Ordinary Member
    Ordinary Member 1
    Alex Lockwood
  • Ordinary Member
    Ordinary Member 2
    Roisin Nelan
  • Welfare Officer
    Welfare Officer 1
    Position Vacant
  • Welfare Officer
    Welfare Officer 2
    Position Vacant
  • Technical Officer
    Technical Officer
    Position Vacant
  • Winchester Rep
    Winchester Rep
    Position Vacant

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