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Hi everyone!

A couple of months ago I met up with a few society members and heard first hand how hard they found to give feedback to the committee. Either they weren't regular Discord users, they weren't on Facebook, or they didn't feel comfortable sending in feedback with their name attached to it.

It wasn't just the method of providing feedback that bothered them, either. Knowing what happens once feedback is provided, seeing in a transparent way how that feedback gets actioned, and getting regular updates was also hugely important.

We've been working hard to try and rectify this - and I'm excited to be able to share that our new website comes with an important and much requested new feature - a completely anonymous way to send feedback to the committee, and see how and when that feedback has been processed and acted on!

Under our 'Contact' menu in the main navigation bar you'll see a new option called 'Send feedback'. This takes you through to a form that, unlike the regular contact form, doesn't ask for any personal details. Simply type in your feedback, hit the 'Send feedback' button, and whatever you've typed in the box comes through to the committee inbox as a completely anonymous email. Simple!

So what then?

While our committee mailbox is monitored reguarly, as society president it's my job, alongside the vice president, to check for and compile any and all feedback that we recieve through the anonymous feedback form. We then bring that to the next committee meeting (which are usually held every 2-3 weeks) for discussion. From there either myself or Izzy will write a blog post here once a month outlining the feedback we've had, what the discussion process around that feedback has been, and what the proposed actions are.

Please note that we reserve the right to disregard any feedback that is deemed offensive or vulgar, or singles out individuals in a hateful way. That doesn't mean we won't respond to people who are upset or angry, but we have a duty to protect each other from harm!

I can't wait to see the feedback roll in so that we can all make the University of Southampton LGBTQ+ Society the absolute best that it can be!

Much love,

Kestral Gaian (Society President)

Posted in Feedback on Aug 05, 2021.

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