August Feedback Roundup

Hi everyone! As promised, here's a roundup of the feedback we've received from members in the past month.

Feedback on Collecting Feedback

We've had three separate pieces of feedback that all said that you're happy we've put this new feedback system in place. Thank you! It's great to know that the things we're doing are wanted and appreciated. Please keep the feedback coming!

Website Background Animation

More than one piece of feedback on our new website stated that the background animation speed is a little fast, and that people would like a way to either slow it down or stop it entirely. I discussed this with Curtis, our Technical Officer, as he recently redeveloped the website. His response was:

"As a first resort, I'm going to substantially slow the background changing, such that it will be much, much harder to notice. This I imagine might alleviate the issue. I will then consult with a few of the people who've talked about it. If it's still posing an issue, I can look at remodelling the site to have an "options" dialogue for the theme and background."

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted this feedback, and to Curtis for reacting so quickly and checking in with those impacted to see if the proposed fix has worked.

That's all of the feedback we've received in August. We'll update fortnightly during the next couple of months as we approach Fresher's Week and the start of term. As a reminder, you can submit feedback any time on our website.

Sending strength and solidarity to you all,

Kestral (Society President)

Posted in Feedback on Aug 27, 2021.

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