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Information, Support and Advice

Our handy guides contain links, advice and information to help you out. If you can't find what you're looking for, or would just like to chat to someone, you can contact a member of the committee.

Welfare Officers

The society has two Welfare Officers who sit on the society committee. Their primary function is to organise and lead the support services offered by the society. These include, but are not limited to, organise and/or deliver information talks, distribute welfare information leaflets and inform society members of the services offered by the university, the students’ union and local LGBT+ support groups.

The Welfare Officers can be reached via email at welfare.lgbt@soton.ac.uk

The Role of the Welfare Officers

The role of the Welfare Officer extends beyond the society. They organise sexual health talks from NHS practitioners, trips to the GUM (sexual health) clinic, and signpost people who message the page to appropriate services.

Here's a list of our promises to you when you contact us about any problem you have:

  1. We will treat your problem with complete confidentiality. It will not be discussed outside of the two Welfare Officers without your express permission. The only situation where we will break this confidentiality is if we believe you or someone else to be in immediate danger. We will still endeavour to obtain your permission before this.
  2. We will not judge you or trivialise your problem. We are here to listen and to facilitate the help you require; it is not for us to dictate the seriousness or otherwise of an issue.
  3. We will be attentive and listen. You have brought us into your trust by contacting us and we will devote our full attention to the problem you are seeking to resolve.
  4. We will endeavour to help in any way possible. We are not trained counsellors, nor are we medical professionals. Where a problem is beyond our personal capacity to solve, we will direct you to the myriad of appropriate services that can help you to reach a solution.

Welfare Resources