Buddy System Launch

Joining any new society can be intimidating for many people, but even more so with one like ours when many people might not have even met other LGBTQ+ people before. That’s why for Freshers this year, we’re expanding our ‘Request an Introduction’ system into a wider Buddy System. The Buddy System will allow existing LGBTQ+ Society members to volunteer as a Buddy and be matched with new members who request it, giving new members a casual, friendly way to get to know others in the society.

The main purpose of the Buddies is to give new members contact with existing society members, and ease their settling in period. It will be up to the individual Buddies how they want to do this—it could be attending events together, chatting over discord, online gaming together, answering questions about the society, or whatever else works for them.

The Buddy system should be fun for everyone involved, and not any sort of burden or responsibility. The Buddies won’t be taking on any sort of welfare responsibility, but if asked for help, would be able to point new members towards available support such as the Welfare Officers.

If there are any concerns about the behaviour of anyone involved with the Buddy System, it can be raised with the Welfare Officers as with any other case of inappropriate behaviour within the society.

To sign up either as a Buddy or to be matched with a Buddy, you can use this form here. Your details will not be kept longer than needed to match up Buddy groups.

If you need any support with the buddy system, or have any more questions, you can ask Conway either on discord @MezzaTheMez#1953 or by email at welfare.lgbt@soton.ac.uk

Posted in General Updates on Sep 23, 2021.

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