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Other Support Services

Organisations and charities that provide services and support for sexual health across the LGBT spectrum.

NHS Solent

Phone: 0300 300 2016

Address: Various. Local GUM Clinic at Royal South Hants Hospital, SO14 0YG

Website: https://www.letstalkaboutit.nhs.uk/

Provide routine testing and treatment for STIs. They offer a variety of appointment or wait-to-be-seen clinics as outlined on their website.

The NHS also provides:

  • Free postal STI test kit
  • Free condoms by post
  • Free condoms and lube when visiting any clinic
  • Routine testing for all STIs when you visit
  • Free Hepatitis B vaccine for those deemed at greater risk (e.g. men who have sex with men and healthcare professionals)

LGBT Foundation

Website: https://lgbt.foundation/sexualhealth

The LGBT Foundation provides a range of sexual health guides.